Annual Groundhog Job Shadowing Day


New Jersey Orthodontists invite high school students to participate in a groundhog job shadowing program.


Since 2005 , the members of the New Jersey Association of Orthodontists have invited students into their offices for a “GROUNDHOG JOB SHADOWING DAY.” This program is designed to help students understand how skills learned in school are important in the workplace, and acquaint them with potential dental career opportunities. Over the past nine years, more than 200 New Jersey offices have participated in the Groundhog Job Shadowing Program thanks to the efforts of many high school guidance counselors. Once again, New Jersey Orthodontists and their staff are eager to share information about the wide variety of career opportunities related to the specialty of orthodontics. Between February 7-11, 2016, students are invited to “shadow” members of an orthodontic office during a typical day on the job. As Orthodontists welcome local students into their offices, young people will learn not only what it’s like to be an orthodontist, but also about several other career opportunities that exist within the orthodontics field. Most orthodontic staff positions fall into one of four categories…

1) Entry level clerical assistants to high level practice administrators and managers
2) Orthodontic Assistants (Which involves clinical assistance with patient treatment)
3) Technical (laboratory technicians making orthodontic treatment appliances)
4) Doctoral level Dentists and Orthodontists (a dental specialty)

PLEASE NOTE: In early January, 2016, orthodontic offices will be contacting high school guidance counselors to begin making plans for February. We appreciate your support and look forward to student participation from your school. The New Jersey Association of Orthodontists has more than 400 members. For more information about the orthodontic specialty and the state association, visit the NJAO website at or call 800-656-6526. For information about the National Groundhog Job Shadow Day program visit their website at

Thank you,
Dr. Russell Sandman, President NJAO